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What is Reiki?
Reiki is an ancient natural healing art that uses touch to promote healthy energy flows within the body.
When a person is ill or run down, their energy may be out of balance, causing physical, emotional and hormonal problems.

Reiki treatment helps the body's natural energy to flow freely again, enabling natural healing. Reiki can be used in conjunction with Kinesiology, chiropractice, acupuncture, massage and other physical therapies.

How can it help me?
Reiki can be used to alleviate many physical, emotional, hormonal and nervous conditions. It promotes peaceful relaxation, provides greater energy, reduces stress and relieves pain.

What does it involve?
• You lie on a couch and we place our hands lightly on or just above the key energy points (or chakras) of your body.
• We begin with the head and move down the body.
• You may notice warm, cold or tingling sensations.
• You remain dressed. How long does it take to get results? Sessions last about [xx] minutes.
• The benefits are felt immediately.

Most people find the treatment deeply relaxing and feel renewed by the experience.
Train in Reiki Trew Holistics offers weekend Reiki and Shamballa Reiki training courses.
Our courses are relaxed but structured and involve a balance of tuition, experience and hands-on practice.
They benefit from a background in OFSTED-approved education authority run classes, making them accessible to all.