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Trew holistics

Trew Holistics are number one for pain relief in Essex and east London. We are the specialists in muscular and soft tissue treatments. People come to us for back pain, sciatica,shoulder restrictions, injuries, pain following childbirth, post operative & other common conditions.

We are professional experienced therapists and we operate from our purpose built home clinic in Loughton Essex. Our therapies are complementary with other medical treatments. We do not offer diagnosis of medical conditions and our treatment should not be used in place of medical attention.

Ivana Belicova

Ivana has worked as a complementary health practitioner since 1997. An international standard gymnast, in 2001 she studied Bowen Technique with Ossie and Elaine Rentch and John Wilks the world leaders in the technique. Ivana is one of only a handful of practitioners of KMI structural integration in the UK having trained with world famous anatomist Tom Myers.

She continues to be involved with gymnastics as a coach, which enhances her ability to assess injuries and prescribe programmes of exercise to treat conditions. In order to train in deep connective tissue work, Ivana has studied dissection of the muscular and connective tissues in the first ever soft cadaver dissection, at Dundee university. This gives Ivana a deeper level of understanding for muscle and connective tissue treatments. Ivana's Bowen studies.

Dominic Trew

Dominic has been using natural healing therapies to provide pain relief and help people experience greater wellbeing and quality of life since 1996. He combines multiple discipline training and knowledge ranging from general anatomy, nerve pathways and their effect on muscular and organ function to the application of nutritional supplements and dietary therapy.

He learned Bowen Technique in 2001 from the UK's leading teacher John Wilks and has also studied with global pioneers, Ossie and Elaine Rentch . Dominic learned kinesiology with the first UK based school The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK), in order to achieve Diplomat status with TASK (their highest level of qualification).