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Why is it called Bowen?

The Bowen Therapy carries name of its inventor. MR. Tom Bowen.

An Australian industrial chemist who’s dream was to become an osteopaths. He approached the body from different angle then to 1950 osteopathy although he was learning from the same books.

He looked at people’s bodies And devised a system of simple rolling moves over painful areas, applied with a gentle touch. He was treating people of all ages children, seniors and anybody in between.Pregnant women always had the back door opened so they can wonder in and get the Back Procedure for pregnancy.

He was also working on horses with his technique.Horses were animal athletes to him. Mr. Bowen had an interest in sports and has been known to give Bowen Technique to the football players straight on the pitch. Apparently they would just go back to the game after the treatment.

At the end of his life he was seeing 13 000 people a year with 80 %. Success. Oswald Rentsch together with his wife Elaine have shown the Bowen technique to the world and their vision and leadership in the world of Bowen therapy has been a gift to the world. We can’t thank the Rentsch’s enough.