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What is Bioresonance Therapy?
Bioresonance Therapy is a treatment designed to identify harmful pathogens in the body and assist the immune system with the process of detox or cleansing.

How does Bioresonance Therapy work?
It is common scientific knowledge that all matter is made up of particles and/or cells, and specific waveforms can affect the way particles and cells behave.
For example, a microwave oven heats food at a molecular level by sending waves of a particular length and frequency through the food.
It follows that technology that is capable of recognizing particular frequency patterns in the body makes it possible to send complimentary frequencies into the body, with the aim of cancelling out the waves emitted by harmful pathogens or parasites, thus combating them.
In Bioresonance Therapy, various technologically sophisticated machines are used to perform a reading of the frequencies in your body.
A Bioresonance device called the F-Scan Machine uses electrodes contacting the skin or magnetic electrodes to collect information about the frequency patterns in the parts of your body requiring attention.
If the F-Scan Machine gives a particularly high reading or recognises a frequency associated with the presence of parasites or pathogens, the Plasma Machine is used to deliver correctional Bio Resonance Therapy.

Please note: We hire out the Plasma Machine.
An operator will instruct you in how to run it, and will also provide you with a diagnostic reading at the time of your appointment.
The machines are not for hire without an appointment, nor can they be taken from our premises.

Why would I come to you for Bioresonance Therapy?
You might feel like your immune system isn’t functioning properly, you might be certain that something is not quite right but can’t identify what it is, or you might have been experiencing regular niggling symptoms.
Treating fungal infections is the most common use for Bioresonance Therapy, but other health concerns it may help your body to alleviate include coughs that won’t go away, stomach aches, runny noses, and even diarrhoea.
Conditions under which you might benefit from Bioresonance Therapy vary, but you will know when you have been abroad in a less than sanitary environment or can’t seem to shake recurring colds that your body might require some extra assistance in restoring its natural balance.

How can I trust you?
Ivana is a trusted, well-trained professional who has experience within multiple sectors of alternative therapy and treatment. Her background in gymnastics (at international standards) has given her a particular understanding of the human body, enhancing her ability to assess injuries and prescribe therapeutic exercise programs.
After 15 years competing as a gymnast, Ivana moved into coaching competitive and recreational gymnastics, after which she began professional training in therapeutic skills. She has qualifications in Shiatsu and Bowen Technique (obtained in 1997 and 2002 respectively), and in 2012 she qualified in Structural Integration KMI, under the guidance of the world-famous anatomist Tom Myers.
One of only fifty practitioners of KMI structural integration in the UK, Ivana runs a successful structural clinic in Loughton. Here she also provides therapies using Emmet Technique and US Bowen, while still coaching gymnastics (she is qualified to coach level two).

What should I know about Bioresonance Therapy?
Bioresonance Therapy is not a cure or replacement for medical attention.
We only work within the frequency ranges of bad parasites, and only see clients when they think that something is wrong, or seem to have a niggling problem that won’t go away.
If you think that something is wrong, we will offer you a reading using our F-Scan machine, which is pre-loaded with a large library of frequencies.
The machine recognises sound frequencies and can match them to the frequencies within your body.
It then produces a graph of these frequencies, highlighting any unusually high readings that could indicate the presence of parasites.
These may include moulds, bacteria and worms.
It is important to note that we do not name or identify the parasites as frequencies are very similar and pinpointing the exact name of the particular parasite can potentially lead to a misdiagnosis.
Instead, we identify the parasites as accurately as possible using the known associated frequencies and numbered names.
We work supportively with clients – treatment is non-invasive.
You will typically feel mild relief from your niggling symptoms after one to two treatments, but your body needs time to work on eliminating the bacteria with the help provided by the Plasma Machine.
Treatments must be conducted at least a week apart, in order to ensure accurate readings are available prior to each session. This helps to measure the efficacy of your treatments.

What can Bioresonance Therapy help/ fix/ cure?
Bioresonance Therapy is not a cure or a replacement for medical attention.
The majority of people who come to see us suffer from fungal infections.
Human beings are ideal hosts for opportunistic organisms which means that fungal infections are particularly widespread but are also noticeably responsive to Bioresonance therapy.
We also offer regenerative Bioresonance Therapy which consists of frequencies that have been engineered and inspired by the Russian branch of research and learning. The regenerative therapy machine frequency presets provide support for all of your major internal organics including kidneys, liver, lungs and spleen.
We are also able to offer frequencies that support immune system stabilisation, as well as frequencies that can provide functional improvement for your immune system.