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Hey Ivana, it's Chloe.

Here's the testimony for your website, sorry it took a while!
Also, hopefully we should be back soon.

I definitely need some more Bowen!
I';ve been going to Ivana for quite a while now, for the Bowen Technique and she is really friendly and hospitable, but most of all she knows what she is doing and is really good at it.

I'm 16 and I started to going to Ivana when I was 15 because I suffer from Fibromyalgia and I must say after a few weeks of Ivana's treatments, I could feel a positive difference and Ivana could definitely feel and see a few differences also! I definitely would recommend Ivana to treat anyone with a minor problem or one more serious.

Sandra Carpenter

Hi Dominic, sorry, haven't got a clue how to communicate on Facebook have only just seen your message!

My back has been perfect since my last visit, it's amazing to think how bad it was... and now it's like I've never had a problem.

Will definitely write that thing (can't think what you called it) on your professional page.

Angie Phillips

Ivana Belicova was truly amazing

I walked out after the treatment in no pain, considering how much sleep Id lost and how much agony Id felt for weeks

A few twinges and flares during the week but another treatment and im feeling "normal"

being careful but I can move sleep sit and drive without pain again!

Thank you TrewHolistics!

Karen Redman

I recently had a sciatica flare-up but after Ivana treated me with Bowen Therapy I'm back to normal.

I decided it would be a good idea to visit TrewHolistics once every 6-8 weeks just to keep everything working properly.

I went to see Ivana this morning and, although my back was feeling okay, I had a very stiff neck and rotten sinusitis ... not for long though!

Six hours after Ivana worked on my neck it is feeling very relaxed and my sinuses haven't felt as clear as this in YEARS.

I am so grateful!